Sunday, August 22, 2010


blind date: a date with a stranger
nip something in the bud: stop something from starting in the first place
gee (interjection): used to express annoyance, disgust, or surprise
uh-huh (interjection): used to express understanding or agreement
get something off your chest: talk about something that has been bothering you
beat around the bush: avoid talking about something directly
have a crush on: romantic love, used especially for young people
be on cloud nine: extreme happiness; also "seventh heaven"
stand up: not meeting someone you promise to do so
lead on: make someone think something is true when it is not
dump: end a romantic relationship without care, often without care
jerk: a person who does stupid or annoying things
come on: expression of disbelief
show true colors: reveal your true self
promise the moon: make big promises that might be impossible to do
Mr. Right: the perfect partner
find the one: find the right person to date or marry
put up with: endure something or someone without complaint
give the cold shoulder: pay no attention to, snub
tie the knot: get married
rosy: hopeful, optimistic
make up: become friendly with someone again after having problems
give-and-take: a state where people work together in allowing each other to do things they want


What gives?: What's wrong?
slave away: work very hard
nickel-and-dime: not worth much
keep your head above water: just barely able to survive in times of money difficulties
workaholic: a person who works a lot
put in overtime: work extra hours
make ends meet: make just enough money to pay for expenses
get the ax: be fired from a job
be in line for: have the expectation of receiving something
work your fingers to the bone: work very hard
(for) peanuts: very little money
have connections: know important people within a company or organization
pull a few strings: influence or control others to one's advantage
line up: make arrangements
go belly up: fail, go bankrupt
fat chance: something that is unlikely to happen
get someone's hopes up: feel like your hopes and dreams will come true
land a job: get a job
get your foot in the door: get a chance to work for or be involved in a business or organization
show your stuff: demonstrate what you can do
kiss up to: try to please someone to get them to do something
gotcha: okay, I got it

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


a rip-off: an item that is unreasonably expensive
pay through the nose: pay too much for an item
fly-by-night: an untrustworthy business that might close quickly
buck: dollar
sucker: a person who is easily tricked into doing something
take someone to the cleaners: get someone to spend a lot of money unnecessarily
pick up: get
be on sale: available for purchase at a lower price
on a first-come, first-served basis: not reserving an item for sale
green: naive or a novice at something, without experience
gimmick: a clever sales trick to get people to buy
have someone's number: to know something about someone
cough up: give unwillingly
wad: a think pile or mass of something, like money or chewing gum
pay an arm and a leg: spend a great deal of money
slash prices: cut or reduce drastically
blow money: spend money carelessly