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The TOEIC exam was introduced in 2006 to evaluate candidate ability to work at international standard level.

The Test of English for international Communication (TOEIC) examines the capability of non-native English-speaking measures the use of English in daily work place activities. TOEIC exam question totally based on real life work settings for an international environment such as travel, telephone, meetings and daily conversation on several places.

What is the TOEIC test like:

If you are going to take your TOEIC test then you must know that there are two separate parts of it.

1. The Listening and Reading test which comprises on 2.5 hours and paper and pencil are required in the test centre.
2. The second module of Speaking and Writing that is taken in a test centre online, and it comprises on 90 minutes. The speaking and writing test module is only available in few countries.

The Speaking test measures pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and fluency, while the Writing test inspects vocabulary, grammar, and overall coherence and organization.

TOEIC Scores?

The TOEIC Reading and Listening gives a score between 10 and 990 which can be determine below:

• 905 - 990 International Proficiency
• 785 – 900 Working Proficiency Plus
• 605 – 780 Limited Working Proficiency
• 405 – 600 Elementary Proficiency Plus
• 255 – 400 Elementary Proficiency
• 185 – 250 Memorised Proficiency
• 10 – 180 No Useful Proficiency

Speaking and writing test of TOEIC scored out of 200.

Fee structure is different set by testing centres but you have to pay around $85 USD for each component comprising Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eassy Writing topics

IELTS Essay, topic: Popular hobby rather than favorite passtime

Nowadays people like to change their day by day activities into the latest trends and also they are following popular things what their surrounding peoples make them popular in their area. This essay will explain the reason why the peoples are spending more time for popular hobbies rather than their individual activities spending time.

Hobbies and interest are different for every one; this is human nature,which is given by god. The current generations peoples are very much interest in the latest trend which makes them happy and also help them to make more money. For example, the cricket is the most famous games in many of the country, the children and teen ages are starts playing when ever they have free time in their daily life. This makes them will become a star in this game when they reach certain age in their life. In addition, this popularity will help them to make huge money in their life. Beside this, there are many hobby changes the peoples entire life into different way.

Those are from poor family aiming to spend more time to make money rather than their own interest. However, some of them are not worry about the popular hobbies and interests. For instance, drinking alcohol is one of the popular hobbies between low level and high level budget peoples interest.

In conclusion, _spending more time for popular hobbies and interests really depends on their surrounding people’s activity and environments. It may be a helpful for them to become a star in their life or spending time with many friends.

Avoid statements such as ?This essay will explain the reason?, your essay should present a point of view including supporting information and examples. The essay needs to be easy to follow plus the English should be accurate and appropriate.

I suggest you read many essays that have been awarded high band marks and really think about how the writer has structured their essay.

Eassy Writing topics

IELTS Essay, topic: Education with or without a teacher

Some people think that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher. Others think that it is always better to have a teacher. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons to develop your essay.

It is certainly said that learning is an ongoing process .Every person learn something new according to their age, experience knowledge and education. According to my point of view it is always better to have _teacher or guide for study.

One teacher has adequate knowledge to teach their student. He knows all the possible ways to make subject easier for the students, even he teaches them in effective manner. For example, some students are weak in some subjects but a teacher always guides them according to their mental capacity. He teaches them as fun. Some people can learn better in group by discuss the topics with others. In class people can know the other?s views, even they know how we can learn effectively. Where the teacher always give easy direction to learn.

In the today?s competitive world, everbody is busy, some people think that rather to waste their time to go for classes they can learn better regarding their subject _. They can attend online classes by using internet at home. They can get relevant information from internet regarding their topic. There is not specific time, age limit to learn something new. Some thing new which we always learn only with the experience such as atequates, knowledge, new habits and so on.

In sum up, I would like to say that it is always better for the people to have teacher because one teacher has good knowledge, experience and education to teach others. They can take learn easy from him rather by themselves.

Where are the paragraphs in this essay? You must be very careful using definitive words like ?always? and making statements of facts. The essay is for you to provide an opinion and to provide supporting arguments. Also, the other side of the argument about teachers that have limited knowledge or people that learn better on their own is not presented here.

Eassy Writing topics

IELTS Essay, topic: Capital Punishment

Without capital punishment our lives are less secure and crimes or violence increase. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Committing serious crimes need capital punishment so that the offender unable to involved in the crime in the future. However, If they want to stop the violated act in the future then it would better to forget him and judge him for a change .
Overall, I agree with the fact that punishment is the way to avoid the crime to be increased and hence our lives become more secure. If the wrongdoer wants to be a good man and there is some financial or personal problem that led him to the wrong way, then it would be the nice option to forgive him and try to solve the problem he have. Although by this way, some bad man may become effective part of the society but some do not bring themselves to the right path because they are very much used to of it. The person that _ involved in the crime and never try to stop the law-breaking act should be punished in the extremely serious way. However, it totally depends on the nature of crime. Some crime led to capital punishment and some may require small penalty. The law-making institutions are responsible to bring the bad man to the right level of punishment that he deserves. If there is weak legislation to properly handle the offender, it may become our society less secure for the good man. The government should be responsible authority to provide secure and better state to live. Laws should be implemented and executed in the most proper way that do not allow the offender to commit violence act or to break the law in any way or extent. To sum up, it is the responsibility of the state runner to stop people to involved in crime. It may be done through solving the problems of the people that led them to commit violence act or by the punishment accordingly.

Where are the paragraphs in the eassy? This is a very good essay; however there are many small mistakes that will cost you dearly. There are also several unclear expressions and grammatical errors.

You should rewrite it, giving more thought to what is required, eg. paragraphs and reduce mistakes.

IELTS Letter, topic: Cleaning job application

IELTS Letter, topic: Cleaning job application

I’m writing this letter in response to the vacancy for housekeeper as advertised in the “The Nation” on 6th of November 2007.

I have worked for the “Care-givers” home for 5 years and thereafter was transferred to the main branch in Durban. This branch caters for two hundred people. I was appointed the supervisor, with five staff reporting to me. I have gained much experience in planning, organizing and leading in this job. I have worked with all types of people and know how to handle their problems.The reason why I would like to apply for this job because your private home would benefit from my experience. I would be able to give much more attention to the needs of the home due to the size. My credentials speaks for itself which is attached for your perusal. I await for an interview to further discuss my experience with you.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Faithfully,
Karen Smith

IELTS writing task 2

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write on the following topic:

The increase in mobile phone use in recent years has transformed the way we live, communicate and do business. Mobile phones can also be the cause of social or medical problems. What forms do these problems take?
Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of mobile phones?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

IELTS writing task 1

The table below shows CO2 emissions for different forms of transport in the European Union. The Pie Chart shows the percentage of European Union funds being spent on different forms of transport.

Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.