Tuesday, December 14, 2010

IELTS validity for canada

IELTS validity for Canada:

Although IELTS itself validity is for 2 years but for Canadian immigration its validity is shorter then other and stands at 1 year, if you have taken your IELTS test on 2nd January 2010 then you validity of IELTS test for Canadian immigration will remain till 2nd January 2011, So you should be care full about your Canadian immigration and time period of finalizing your documents for immigration.

It is strongly recommended that don’t wait for the time when CHC demand documents for finalizing your Canadian immigration case, you must try to well prepared for IELTS and take time before the expected time of immigration, Due to high volume of IELTS score required for immigration people are facing problems so Canadian immigration authorities reduce score for immigration. You must follow the chart below about latest score changes.

IELTS requirement for canada student visa

IELTS requirement for Canada student visa:

IELTS is compulsory component in almost all universities of Canada and you need to score about 6.5 over all which is acceptable for all Canadian universities, only in few cases or in specific courses you need different IELTS score. You must take IELTS or any other English Language Proficiency Test if you want to get admission in Canadian Universities.
Somehow it could be exempted if you proved that you have been studying or already studied in English at Higher school level for at least two years or more.

For your more information, all Canadian universities accept IELTS Academic Module for admission, for further information on Canadian universities you can visit officeial website.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

First attempt

Well I never sit or take any kind of test like it before but I decided to take my ielts test to see all things practically, so i just got the form and filled it and deposit fee in bank and drop it to the British council to confirm my seat in the examination center, after few days before test date I got confirmation letter containing candidate number and test center information with timing to arrive, I have to arrive in the examination center before 30 minutes and I did so, I was really prepare for my ielts test as normally people read some stuff, matter with me was different but you should be prepared properly for the test, otherwise it could cost you and would not let to get admission or achieve your goals in life. Anyhow I arrive in time and got my seat in center first of all they give headphones and said to test them for voice clarity or any kind of problem occur in listening, but all was fine and we talk listening test for 30 minutes and then reading module after it writing module, and on very next day I have to appear for interview which is commonly known as speaking, main purpose of it to see either candidate can talk frequently or effectively in English. By the grace of GOD all done greatly and I got over all 6 bands, it was my first attempt without any kind of preparation. And I realize that if you do little effort and concentration regarding to your studies you can score a good band in your test.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Writing tips

While preparing for the IELTS writing module you must keep in mind that, actual purpose of this module to test your vocabulary, to test how to engage in personal correspondence, express opening, complaints during the conversation, express needs and wants along with the likes and dislikes through words. This you have to prove in your first writing task while writing in task two which is more important then the first one and you have to spent about 40 minute on it to prove your ability to justify an opinion, outline the problems and present solution of them, and you have to provide general factual information along with the evidence or arguments required for the statement or topic you are writing on. Either you are writing in General or Academic modules you should use some punch lines which can justify your task or statement. Prepare a statement which you can adjust in all topics and tasks with over all view. So if you forget something to write or unable to prove your ability these lines can defend your writing ability.

Friday, September 17, 2010


IELTS Test fee is different for different countries so you should contact your nearest British Council office for confirmation, for the year 2010 British council or IELTS conducting bodies increase fee from previous one and now Pakistani candidates have to pay Rs. 12000 PKR either they are taking General Training or Academic Test. You have to complete application form which is commonly available on Standard Charted Banks main branches or you can download it form online registration. Fill out the application form with 2 recent passport size pictures and one copy of your passport page which shows issue date and expiry date along with other basic information about you. From august 2010 IELTS fee for Pakistani candidates is 12000 PKR.

Get the application form from Standard Charted Bank fill it out and attach 2 pictures along with the passport copy and drop it to British Council Box placed in side the bank and you will be called on the date you selected or if its not possible to adjust you in that date then very first coming date will be your test date."subject to availability" The conformation letter could arrive 4 days before the test or near the test date. You will be notified by the e-mail, SMS on your mobile and hard copy of confirmation letter with the venue before test date.

Bring your letter and your identity card or passport with you, which you mention in the application form. Otherwise you will not be allowed to enter in the examination center.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

More words

More words

When I use term “more words” I mean by this more vocabulary, mean you have to use many new words in your daily conversation, try to add one word each day in your daily life and use it several time till it doesn’t printed in your brain, then in next day exercise repeat previous words so you don’t forget them and use them fluently while talking with other people. This daily exercise allows you to increase a huge number of words in your conversation and make your talking easy to understand, express your point of view, so other people can get you easily. While taking IELTS writing module you need to use more words to show your vocabulary skills which impress examiners and you can get more impressive score for your results, so always try to use unique and meaning full words in your conversation. Don’t take stress about your little vocabulary because you can increase it with a little effort every day. Learn more words to improve your vocabulary skills…….

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Catching the Meaning

Read the following sentences and select the best expression for each:

1. He is always trying to ______________ the boss in order to get a raise, but it hasn't worked yet.

A. kiss up to
B. make ends meet to
C. land a job with

Correct Answer: A

2. If you do some volunteer work for that organization, it might help you ________________ now and help you get a job there when something opens up.

A. put in overtime
B. work your fingers to the bone
C. get your foot in the door

Correct Answer: C

3. Even though the job interview went well, I don't want to ________________ in case they don't hire me.

A. slave away
B. be in line for
C. get my hopes up

Correct Answer: C

Catching the Meaning

Read the following sentences and select the best expression for each:

1. You'd better tell your brother to stop ___________ and start getting serious about his studies.

A. cramming
B. slaving
C. goofing off

Correct Answer: C

2. I thought I really prepared well, but it turns out that I studied the wrong chapters in the book, so I really __________ the test.

A. bombed
B. aced
C. skipped

Correct Answer: A

3. She thought she could handle five difficult classes, but she now realizes she probably _____________________.

A. bit off more than she could chew
B. hit the books hard
C. is a real whiz

Correct Answer: A

Catching the Meaning

Read the following sentences and select the best expression for each:

1. Have you heard from Cindy lately? I haven't talked with her ________.

A. long time, no see
B. in ages
C. in touch

Correct Answer: B

2. I wish we could talk more, but I _______________. My class starts in five minutes, and I don't want to be late.

A. 've got to run
B. 've be up to lately
C. 've put you on

Correct Answer: A

3. You won't believe who I _________ on the way to school. It was your old girlfriend, Marsha.

A. took off
B. gave a ring
C. bumped into

Correct Answer: C

Friday, September 10, 2010

Catching the Meaning

Read the following sentences and select the best expression for each:

1. Let me know if you ____________ an ad for a cheap hotel in New York City.

A. are in the mood for
B. hit the sack
C. come across

Correct Answer: C

2. The trip was a real _____________. A typhoon hit the island, and we were stuck indoors for the entire time.

A. drag
B. cinch
C. sweet

Correct Answer: A

3. If you decide to ____________, don't forget to take a towel so you can dry off.

A. lounge around
B. take a dip
C. hang out

Correct Answer: B

Sunday, August 22, 2010


blind date: a date with a stranger
nip something in the bud: stop something from starting in the first place
gee (interjection): used to express annoyance, disgust, or surprise
uh-huh (interjection): used to express understanding or agreement
get something off your chest: talk about something that has been bothering you
beat around the bush: avoid talking about something directly
have a crush on: romantic love, used especially for young people
be on cloud nine: extreme happiness; also "seventh heaven"
stand up: not meeting someone you promise to do so
lead on: make someone think something is true when it is not
dump: end a romantic relationship without care, often without care
jerk: a person who does stupid or annoying things
come on: expression of disbelief
show true colors: reveal your true self
promise the moon: make big promises that might be impossible to do
Mr. Right: the perfect partner
find the one: find the right person to date or marry
put up with: endure something or someone without complaint
give the cold shoulder: pay no attention to, snub
tie the knot: get married
rosy: hopeful, optimistic
make up: become friendly with someone again after having problems
give-and-take: a state where people work together in allowing each other to do things they want


What gives?: What's wrong?
slave away: work very hard
nickel-and-dime: not worth much
keep your head above water: just barely able to survive in times of money difficulties
workaholic: a person who works a lot
put in overtime: work extra hours
make ends meet: make just enough money to pay for expenses
get the ax: be fired from a job
be in line for: have the expectation of receiving something
work your fingers to the bone: work very hard
(for) peanuts: very little money
have connections: know important people within a company or organization
pull a few strings: influence or control others to one's advantage
line up: make arrangements
go belly up: fail, go bankrupt
fat chance: something that is unlikely to happen
get someone's hopes up: feel like your hopes and dreams will come true
land a job: get a job
get your foot in the door: get a chance to work for or be involved in a business or organization
show your stuff: demonstrate what you can do
kiss up to: try to please someone to get them to do something
gotcha: okay, I got it

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


a rip-off: an item that is unreasonably expensive
pay through the nose: pay too much for an item
fly-by-night: an untrustworthy business that might close quickly
buck: dollar
sucker: a person who is easily tricked into doing something
take someone to the cleaners: get someone to spend a lot of money unnecessarily
pick up: get
be on sale: available for purchase at a lower price
on a first-come, first-served basis: not reserving an item for sale
green: naive or a novice at something, without experience
gimmick: a clever sales trick to get people to buy
have someone's number: to know something about someone
cough up: give unwillingly
wad: a think pile or mass of something, like money or chewing gum
pay an arm and a leg: spend a great deal of money
slash prices: cut or reduce drastically
blow money: spend money carelessly

Friday, July 30, 2010


man (interjection): used to emphasize what you are saying, particularly in emotional situations
sweet: great, fantastic
the man: used to praise someone for having done something very well
awesome: very good
pull someone's leg: tell something that isn't true as a joke
nope: informal for no
come across: find
dump: an old, rundown, or messy place, often used to refer to apartments, houses, or hotels
go online: connect with the Internet
book: make a reservation
be in the mood: have the desire to do something
take a dip: go swimming
lounge around: spend time doing nothing particular
catch something on TV: watch
bag: decide not to do something
hang around: spend time at a place with no specific purpose
be glued to the tube: watch intensely the TV
drag: something that is boring
throw: have or organize an event
be beat: very tired, exhausted
crash: go to sleep
hit the sack: go to bed
clean: not offensive or objectionable
play on TV: be shown or performed (playing at the theater)
be on the same page: be in agreement
get some shut eye: go to sleep

Thursday, July 29, 2010


* pull an all-nighter : stay up all night
* cram: study intensely before a test
* flunk: fail (also flunk out = have to leave school because of poor grades)
* goof off: wasting time instead of studying or working
* ace a test : get a perfect score
* flying colors: complete success
* bomb: fail or do poorly on
* whiz: a person who is very intelligent or has a special skill
* skip class: purposely not attend class
* drag: something that is boring
* work like a dog: work very hard
* bite off more than you can chew : take on more work or responsibilities than you can accomplish emotionally or physically
* hang in there: refuse to give up
* hit the books: study


* you lucky dog: a very fortunate or lucky person
* nah: informal for no
* tag-along: a person who follows along, and in some cases, not wanted
* feel itchy: have a strong desire to do something
* paint the town red: go out around time enjoying yourself
* kick back: relax
* find your way around: get around easily
* slip through one's fingers: miss the opportunity or chance to do something
* hit: visit
* keep your eye out for: watch carefully for
* shell out: pay
* a steal: something very inexpensive
* cover a lot of ground: travel a far distance
* buck: dollar
* homebody: a person who likes to stay home
* splurge: spend a great deal of money
* have a blast: have a good time, enjoy yourself



Listening component take around thirty (30) minutes to judge candidate ability to understand different ideas, it comprises on 40 questions in 4 sections in which a variety of question type is used to test the candidate ability to understand a wide range of listening skills. Through listening test, candidates understanding of main ideas and detailed factual information can be tested along with the speakers attitudes and understand the purpose of statement to develop the idea.

The first 2 segments deals with situations occur in daily life, there is conversation between two speakers in section 1 and a monologue in section two.

The final two sections has been designed to examine candidate ability to understand educational and training context, in section three you would listen conversation between a university tutor and some students it could be up to between four people, and section four is also a monologue based on academic subject.

You could listen native-speaker accent in the recording which imitates the international nature of IELTS.

Listening Tips:-

There are few tips for candidates who are preparing themselves for the IELTS test and want to improve their listening ability, they must practice plenty of time for listening through vocal and headphone. In listening there are two main factors which are attention and concentration, and both are quite important while preparing your self for IELTS listening test. You must practice more on concentration rather then attention, I would suggest you to make sure you don’t loose your concentration even for a second if you lost your concentration even for one second then you would not be able to understand whole context of conversation and it will put you in trouble. Candidates who are new to listening English first see some movies or listen news on TV, but there is huge difference between listening TV and taking IELTS test because in movies or news you just listen and doesn’t remember it while for IELTS whatever conversation you will listen you have to give some answers from it. Take 3-4 listening practice test daily and then take attempt for the real one.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


long time, no see:it's been a long time since I've seen you
fancy: expressing surprise
bump into: meet unexpectedly
in ages: a long time
be up to: be busy or occupied with
what's new: what's new in your life
by the way: (used to introduce a new topic), so
be in touch: make contact
Huh? (interjection): what?
no way (interjection): I can't believe it
put someone on: fool or joke
umm (interjection): used when pausing to think
let something slip: talk about something accidently that was supposed to be a secret
scoop: news
have (got) to run: have to go
take off: leave
give someone a ring: call by telephone
reach someone: speak with or find
catch you later: see you later
hmph: showing disapproval, disappointment, or disgust
you'd better believe it: showing disapproval, disappointment, or disgust
wring someone's neck: punish someone who makes you upset or angry
lousy: very bad

Sunday, July 25, 2010

IELTS Components

What does the test involve?

To provide exact language requirements for various institutions, IELTS comes in two modules one for those who want to take admission in colleges and universities and any learning institutions have to pass the Academic IELTS module and other one for those who want to get involved in work or applying for immigration.

Both modules – Academic and General Training covers the for language skills- learning, reading, writing, and speaking. Listening and speaking components are designed for both types of candidates, only reading and writing components differ from Academic to General training candidates.

For grading both modules have same criteria, so there is no difference in the study level of the English for any candidate. Only distinction lies in the vocabulary and subject matter used. Academic test is designed for the purpose of required skill of formal language required for education or professional registration while General training does not require full rang of formal language.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why IELTS is necessary

Why IELTS is necessary.

IELTS is quite necessary for those who want to improve their English and want to get admission on those institutions where English is first language, with the heavy growth in the English language it’s quite necessary that you should have fluency in listening, speaking, reading and writing. IELTS is designed to test candidate ability in all four components individually and awarded with a score band, different institutions accept different score according to their study policy and requirements, and thus you need to score as much as you can. Here is the score detail for your understanding.

IELTS Band Score
9 ---- Expert User
8 ---- Very Good User
7 ---- Good User
6 ---- Competent User
5 ---- Modest User
4 ---- Limited User
3 ---- Extremely Limited User
2 ---- Intermittent User
1 ---- Non User
0 ---- Did Not Attempt The Test

Results illustrate candidate over all band score as well as it indicates individual score for all four components of the test. (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening)

Maximum level of score is required for candidate to perform successfully in studies, training or work which contrasts according to situation to situation. There for each individual organization or institution set its own minimum level for candidates, depending according to requirements.

Some organizations consider over all band score thus some need to see individually in each four components tested in IELTS according to requirements of their work. Because individual results allow you to see candidate strengths or weaknesses and suitability in specific situation.

Validity Period:-

IELTS test shows true picture of candidate language skills at the test given date. But however at some specific places candidates need to prove that they were active in maintaining or tried to improve English continuously if they had taken exam more then two years before, thus you can easily use IELTS test for not more then two years.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


IELTS: (IELTS is the International English Language Testing System)
IELTS is the world’s most acceptable test and proven for English speaking, reading, listening and writing skill which is required to live and work in English native country. Each year more then 1.4 million candidates take test and start their journey in to international education or employment. IELTS test is recognized in 135 countries and in more then 6000 institutions around the world.

If you want to start your career then you should take a good band score in IELTS test then you will be accepted easily by any English country or will be able to get admission in any institution where English is first language. There are many countries which are changing laws and making IELTS test necessary for immigration or getting admission in universities. According to new Canadian migration rules IELTS test is more valuable for those who want to live and work in Canada. According to CIC a good proficiency in language by approved test is necessary.

So now you should be prepare yourself for your next exam and I will provide you all testing material which can score good band in your test, I will tell you some easy tips on writing, reading and listening and speaking so you can be confident in your test to pass it in first attempt with a great score. There are two type of IELTS test one is Academic and other one is general training in all two types you will be tested for reading, writing, listening and speaking but somehow there is little difference in test formats for academic and general training. AS IELTS is mutually managed by British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL) so it is highly recommended test to judge candidate skill in different modules and taken at more then 500 locations in over 130 countries according to predefined schedules.