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Listening component take around thirty (30) minutes to judge candidate ability to understand different ideas, it comprises on 40 questions in 4 sections in which a variety of question type is used to test the candidate ability to understand a wide range of listening skills. Through listening test, candidates understanding of main ideas and detailed factual information can be tested along with the speakers attitudes and understand the purpose of statement to develop the idea.

The first 2 segments deals with situations occur in daily life, there is conversation between two speakers in section 1 and a monologue in section two.

The final two sections has been designed to examine candidate ability to understand educational and training context, in section three you would listen conversation between a university tutor and some students it could be up to between four people, and section four is also a monologue based on academic subject.

You could listen native-speaker accent in the recording which imitates the international nature of IELTS.

Listening Tips:-

There are few tips for candidates who are preparing themselves for the IELTS test and want to improve their listening ability, they must practice plenty of time for listening through vocal and headphone. In listening there are two main factors which are attention and concentration, and both are quite important while preparing your self for IELTS listening test. You must practice more on concentration rather then attention, I would suggest you to make sure you don’t loose your concentration even for a second if you lost your concentration even for one second then you would not be able to understand whole context of conversation and it will put you in trouble. Candidates who are new to listening English first see some movies or listen news on TV, but there is huge difference between listening TV and taking IELTS test because in movies or news you just listen and doesn’t remember it while for IELTS whatever conversation you will listen you have to give some answers from it. Take 3-4 listening practice test daily and then take attempt for the real one.

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