Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why IELTS is necessary

Why IELTS is necessary.

IELTS is quite necessary for those who want to improve their English and want to get admission on those institutions where English is first language, with the heavy growth in the English language it’s quite necessary that you should have fluency in listening, speaking, reading and writing. IELTS is designed to test candidate ability in all four components individually and awarded with a score band, different institutions accept different score according to their study policy and requirements, and thus you need to score as much as you can. Here is the score detail for your understanding.

IELTS Band Score
9 ---- Expert User
8 ---- Very Good User
7 ---- Good User
6 ---- Competent User
5 ---- Modest User
4 ---- Limited User
3 ---- Extremely Limited User
2 ---- Intermittent User
1 ---- Non User
0 ---- Did Not Attempt The Test

Results illustrate candidate over all band score as well as it indicates individual score for all four components of the test. (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening)

Maximum level of score is required for candidate to perform successfully in studies, training or work which contrasts according to situation to situation. There for each individual organization or institution set its own minimum level for candidates, depending according to requirements.

Some organizations consider over all band score thus some need to see individually in each four components tested in IELTS according to requirements of their work. Because individual results allow you to see candidate strengths or weaknesses and suitability in specific situation.

Validity Period:-

IELTS test shows true picture of candidate language skills at the test given date. But however at some specific places candidates need to prove that they were active in maintaining or tried to improve English continuously if they had taken exam more then two years before, thus you can easily use IELTS test for not more then two years.

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