Saturday, September 25, 2010

First attempt

Well I never sit or take any kind of test like it before but I decided to take my ielts test to see all things practically, so i just got the form and filled it and deposit fee in bank and drop it to the British council to confirm my seat in the examination center, after few days before test date I got confirmation letter containing candidate number and test center information with timing to arrive, I have to arrive in the examination center before 30 minutes and I did so, I was really prepare for my ielts test as normally people read some stuff, matter with me was different but you should be prepared properly for the test, otherwise it could cost you and would not let to get admission or achieve your goals in life. Anyhow I arrive in time and got my seat in center first of all they give headphones and said to test them for voice clarity or any kind of problem occur in listening, but all was fine and we talk listening test for 30 minutes and then reading module after it writing module, and on very next day I have to appear for interview which is commonly known as speaking, main purpose of it to see either candidate can talk frequently or effectively in English. By the grace of GOD all done greatly and I got over all 6 bands, it was my first attempt without any kind of preparation. And I realize that if you do little effort and concentration regarding to your studies you can score a good band in your test.

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