Monday, April 4, 2011

IDP English Language Training

Overview of IDP in English Language Teaching (ELT)

IDP has been involved in the teaching and testing of English since 1988 when it opened the first Australian-initiated offshore ELT centre in Bangkok, known at that time as the English Language Centre of Australia (ELCA). Since then, IDP has been engaged in various activities to support the teaching and testing of English internationally. Today, there are around 8,000 students studying English with IDP.

IDP’s involvement in ELT is a natural fit with our focus on the “international student journey”. Students often begin their international education experience with study of English in an IDP English centre, then demonstrate their level of English on an international testing instrument such as IELTS, and then seek IDP’s professional placement service in finding the best course for their study abroad.

Apart from English Language Teaching, IDP also organises an international TESOL conference, the CamTESOL conference ( This conference attracts around 1,300 participants from approximately 30 countries. Around 300 papers and workshops are delivered annually at CamTESOL.

IDP also publishes the Language Education in Asia journal series ( This is a peer-reviewed journal published online twice a year. It has a large and diverse international editorial board. Each issue of the journal contains papers on practical topics of teaching, papers based on research and a commentary on a contemporary subject.

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