Monday, April 4, 2011

Motivation for Learning English

Motivation for Learning English

Why we start learning english and how we can use it in our daily life? there are many questions behind it. Table blew shows what are our preferences while thinking about english.

Students╩╝ Motivation for Learning English
Motivations---------------------------------------> Percent
a. to find a good or better job -----------------------> 43
b. it is a compulsory subject at university/school-----> 25
c. to communicate with non-Vietnamese speakers---------> 12
d. to study overseas-----------------------------------> 12-------->n = 250
e. for entertainment-----------------------------------> 5
f. for personal satisfaction---------------------------> 2
g. other reason, please specify------------------------> 1

In focus interviews, many students tended to give general reasons for motivation to learn English such as “I learn English because English has become an international language for communication, and everyone is trying to learn English,” “English will give me a better future,” or “With English I can speak to anyone from overseas.” Some also said that they hoped to study abroad and thus English was important. Others had motivations such as getting a well-paid job.

However, while many students said that English would give them a better future as it would in finding a good job, some were doubtful about the benefit of English. For example, one student said:

Everyone says that English is important, but this may be a myth. It may be
important in the long run, but for many, it’s not important at all because in this town [Hue] many students end up working as shop assistant, receptionist for small hotels, post office clerks which requires a minimum of English skills, or no English at all.

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